Our Jewellery

Designed by Rose and hand crafted by André exclusively in our Canterbury workshop, our jewellery is simply beautiful.  Our rich and diverse portfolio features many unique treasures including; Engagement Rings; Dress Rings; Eternity Rings and Signet Rings; Bracelets and Bangles; Pendants and Necklaces; Stud, Hoop and Drop Earrings. As well as the traditional offering of jewellery, we have also designed and created many other special, truly unique items which encompass more than just your average selection.

We make bespoke, custom made, traditionally hand-crafted and unique pieces of jewellery for you. As designer and maker, we focus on detail and precision by delivering every little thing a client could possibly ask for. Making jewellery luxurious, by making it unique. In addition to each one-off piece being made especially for a customer commission and our shop display, the pride we have in our signature beauty, variety, perfection and precision of our finished jewellery pieces is second to none.

Using the highest quality materials, including single mine origin (SMO) gold and conflict-free diamonds, we ensure that your creation is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Mokume Gane

Our unique Mokume Gane Jewellery has earned us a reputation worldwide for creativity and innovation. Mokume Gane is a Japanese metalworking technique and literally translates as wood-grained metal. Because the process of making Mokume is so intricate, it takes a lot of time just to prepare the billets before forging and sculpting. No two pieces ever have the same pattern.

André & Rose – Forged in Creativity

Authenticity in the way that we create jewellery is of the upmost importance to us. This is the result of the unique relationship between owners (Husband & Wife, Goldsmith & Designer) André & Rose. Making jewellery that lasts for generations is a privilege, and to share our customer’s dreams and to craft their jewellery is a joy and a pleasure.


53 Palace Street, CT1 2DY

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