Opened back in 2011 and have been buying, selling and trading video games to our locals and beyond ever since!
Under the ownership and management of Alex and Gemma Bowness, we specialize in video game consoles and games from all eras.
From the late seventies Atari, through the eighties Ninetendo and Sega, past the nineties with Sony joining in right up the to modern generation of Microsoft Xbox and PS4, plus all the obscure manufacturers that came also along through these times! For PC we deal with early Commodore, Spectrum and Amstrad machines and games, but don’t deal with modern PC games or equipment (too many variables here to be able to provide proper care/expertise)
AND all the Gameboy consoles and other handheld games systems that have helped pass many journeys!! (Phew)
Many accessories also are available! Need and extra pad or three for multiplayer? Sure thing!
Lost your charger? No problem, we stock many many spares and parts for many many different systems.
We happily consider any consoles and games to be sold to us (official ID required by law)
And Guarantee all our stock back out for customers buying our equipment and games.