This restaurant was started by a couple of very well travelled friends who had a passion to serve up truly great world food

Two cuisines really stood out as just being so exceptional, they demanded not just a place on the menu but a restaurant.

The First hailed from Deepest Darkest Texas

Now for avoidance of doubt and for you heathens who still think of BBQ as that black charred sausage and burger you take off the grill on those rare sunny Sundays we have here, no – that’s not BBQ. Here at the Cowgirl we mean true low and slow smoked BBQ, cooked for hours over only real wood, no short cuts. To our beloved USA Brothers and Sisters who are not from the Lone Star State, sorry, we just call it like we see it, and it’s just bigger and better in Texas, but so we can all stay friends and have a beer together, we’ll give you all a nod for your Ribs and Pulled Pork. Our brisket keeps to central Texas simplicity with a full flavoured rub and it’s Low and Slow smoked overnight, Every Night, so it’s always fresh every single day, no exceptions!!! Sadly this means we will run out at times, and when we are out, we are out….


The Korean comes from the Korean Fried Chicken that makes up the second pillar of our menu, not to be mistaken with another kind of Fried Chicken (KFC). Korean Fried Chicken is almost unknown in the UK which is why there is often such confusion over our name, however it’s been a stable dish in Korea for Years, popularised by a restaurant chain called KyoChon that opened it’s doors in 1991 and now boasts over a thousand restaurants across Asia, and of course, with many similar competitors. One of the founders first came across this tasty Asian delicacy in Thailand and it made such an impression on him that he began searching for them everywhere he went. So, What is Korean Fried Chicken? It’s a style of cooking where normally the whole chicken is double fried to create an amazingly crisp and light outer skin that is traditionally brushed with either a light soy and garlic coating, or a more spicy, chilli sauce. At the Korean Cowgirl however, we only use the delicate chicken Wings and Drummettes,  to provide an experience that we feel is more suited to a western dining.

Naming a Restaurant can be hard, however we wanted our Name to be true to our food…. Honest, Powerful, and Memorable, and most of all FUN, we therefore had no other choice than to proudly call ourselves “The Korean Cowgirl.”

13 Palace Street

01227 788006