We are an independent cafe bar located in Canterbury, just steps away from the Cathedral gate and the High Street.

Our excellent location allows you to gaze upon the Cathedral from our windows all day long, sipping our delicious Italian coffee, enjoying our Belgian chocolates or simply relaxing with a smooth glass of red.

We pride ourselves in providing you with ingredients of the highest quality in all our food and drinks. Our menu is always made fresh to order and the smell of our exclusive coffee blend Julius Meinl, straight from Italy, will entice your senses!

Moreover we offer a variety of private function services, ranging from children’s birthdays to your own private events of choice such as hen parties, birthday or any other celebration on our top floor, where you can enjoy the privacy of our separate bar with a view you will not forget in a hurry!

Whether you are looking for a simple cup of coffee or tea, your daily chocolate fix, or a glass of wine, Chocolate Cafe in Canterbury is the place to visit.